The Peace Experiment


Minimum and maximum goal


Our minimum goal is to raise awareness that children who are exposed to traumatic war experiences need immediate psychological care, otherwise they will have to relive their traumas over and over again for the rest of their lives and especially intensively in old age.


Our maximum goal is that we can provide people who feel powerless against the power of aggressors with a peaceful antidote to violence and wars.




With crowdfunding on the Italian island of Sardinia, a gross budget of over €3 million can be raised. To implement the crowdfunding, we can now rely on committed collectors in 350 of the 377 municipalities.


The participation per municipality per month is staggered as follows:


Level 1 = 99.00 € (up to 250 inhabitants)

Level 2 = 199.00 € (251 - 500 inhabitants)

Level 3 = 299,00 € (501 - 750 inhabitants)

Level 4 = 399,00 € (751 - 1.000 inhabitants)

Level 5 = 999,00 € (1.001 - 2.000 inhabitants)

Level 6 = 2.999,00 € (2.001 - 5.000 inhabitants)

Level 7 = 5.999,00 € (5.001 - 30.000 inhabitants)

Level 8 = 9.999,00 € (from 30.001 inhabitants) 


The required budget for The Peace Experiment is far below the average multiple annual fixed budgets, which are funded by the residents of the municipalities themselves to be able to hold their parties with music from their favourite bands, dancing, attractions for children, fireworks, etc.


Unique selling point


We want to make the physical components energy, frequency and vibration usable for mankind in a science-based way, so that acts of violence and accidents can be significantly reduced, if this is possible.


At the same time, we are building a goal-oriented structure that makes it possible for a worldwide "feeling of peace" to become a monthly recurring tradition for a large part of humanity.




Competitors are, among other things, isolated players who do not set up goal-oriented structures but merely spread the idea as such:






- etc.


Then there are competitors who are too focused on a "guru" and bring too much esotericism into the subject matter:


Or other competitors set the entry requirements too high like the David Lynch Foundation: Only through trained instructors can one learn the meditation technique in high-priced seminars that can lead to peace.


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